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Welcome to the Frenchboro Historical Society

The Frenchboro Historical Society, which shares a building with the library, maintains a small museum to exhibit the history of the island's year-round settlement. The museum houses many documents and artifacts from the 200-year history of the town, including exhibits detailing Frenchboro’s history as a fishing village and photos of the island and its people throughout the years. One exhibit, compiled by Historical Society President Sandi Lunt, shows the history of the styles of fishing boats commonly used in this region and how they have changed over the years. Another exhibit concerns the history of the Maine Seacoast Mission’s island outreach and includes photographs of the vessels used by the Seacoast Mission to travel between islands, from the Hope in 1905 to the present-day Sunbeam V.

Entry is free to the public.

The gift shop has been expanded to include an art gallery. The shop sells handmade crafts from local artists and friends of the island, as well as books, postcards, and Frenchboro apparel.

Museum and Gift Shop Information and Hours

The Frenchboro Historical Society Museum and Gift Shop are open seasonally, from July until Labor Day.

Get Involved

The museum is always looking for new volunteers to staff the gift shop, answer questions for visitors, and maintain the exhibits. Email if you are interested in volunteering for the Historical Society. We'd love to hear from you!

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