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We do our best to make sure that all our community members and visitors have access to the best library resources we can offer, including wi-fi, computers, books for all ages, audiobooks, large print books, and space to spend time, work or read.

How to Find What You're Looking For

There is no online catalog, and checkouts are done by the honor system. Fiction is sorted by genre, and nonfiction by the Dewey Decimal System. There are posters and signs in the library to help guide you to whatever subject you may be looking for, as well as an overview of the genres and subjects below.

If you have questions about a specific book or other material, contact us at


The Fiction Room is organized by genre, and within genres by author's last name. If a book does not fit any of the specific genres listed, it can likely be found in the General Fiction section. All large print books and audiobooks are in their own sections in the Fiction Room as well. Below are the genre sections you will find in the Fiction Room:

Navigating Nonfiction

The Dewey Decimal System
000–099 — Generalities

Computer science, library science, encyclopedias, books of facts

100–199 — Philosophy and Psychology

Schools of thought, history of philosophy, self–help

200–299 — Religion

Scriptures, history of religion, devotional materials

300–399 — Social Sciences

Sociology, political science (including political commentary and opinions), economics, education, anthropology and cultural studies

400–499 — Languages and Grammar

Languages and linguistics, phrasebooks, grammar and style

500–599 — Sciences

Nature (including field guides), mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics

600–699 — Technology

Health and medicine, gardening, food and drink, cookbooks, pets, parenting

700–799 — Arts and Recreation

Arts, crafts, the outdoors, sports, games, entertainment

800–899 — Literature

"Classics" section in Fiction Room — literary works, anthologies, and books about literature

900–999 — History, Biography, and Geography

History, travel memoirs, travel guides, biography, memoir